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16/07/2007 17:02 Races are abandoned for today, Tomorrow 2 races scheduled at 10:00

Press Release of 16/7/2007
16th of July 5th day of the Regatta and winds are still too strong to have a Race exactly like day number 4.

Children yesterday enjoyed by playing with sailors of other countries. Today sailors coaches and team leaders left from the club with the buses to the Hotels at 11:30 and returned to the club at 14:30.

Now at 17:00 the Race Committee after staying for some time at the sea measuring the wind gusts they decided to abandon the races as yesterday.

Tomorrow two races are scheduled for 10:00 instead of 11:00 at an effort to have races.

Hopefully we will have 2 races. Prize Giving Ceremony tomorrow will take place at 20:00.





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